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The owner:

Graduated engineer and welding engineer Michael Klug, founded the ECC energy components center GmbH in 2016. 

ECC GmbH assists you with know-how of 20 years in industry knowledge.

Our team combines flexibility with innovation thus offering our clients a comprehensive delivery performance at the highest standard at an unbeatable price-performance ration.

In times of rising competition and internationalization, outsourcing of technology and services become more and more important. ECC GmbH offers excellent delivery performance in combination with the highest quality standard possible in one place. 

Connection to the main fields of ECC GmbH

Experience and competence:

Two decades of experience in the fields of energy- and power distribution, especially in the field of high current technology, have led to the foundation of an enterprise that is dedicated to the fulfillment of specialized customer requests within the energy branch.

The mechanical processing of copper, aluminum and other metallic raw materials as well as joining techniques of aluminum and copper are the core competence of the company. 

Our all-embracing services complete the offer of ECC GmbH.

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