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ECC energy components center GmbH (in Pirmasens, Germany) and Promet AG (in Kirchberg, Switzerland) have been working together as cooperation partners since July 1, 2016.

ECC GmbH operates as a Promet AG "solution provider" in various market sectors. The synergies between the two companies in development, sales, marketing, service, product and technology expertise allow us to offer client-oriented solutions throughout the entire value-added chain.

Promet AG and its products (wiring systems and busbars) have been established in the market as a global firm for over 10 years. In future, Promet will expand your product portfolio and technology expertise in collaboration with ECC GmbH, in order to be able to offer you a complete solution from a single source.

Quality, competitive prices, attractive delivery times and your satisfaction are our top priorities. We aim to exceed your expectations.




ECC energy components center GmbH
Marie-Curie Strasse 16
DE-66953 Pirmasens

Telefon +496331-608407-0
Telefax +496331-608407-1

Promet AG
Gähwilerstr. 56
CH-9533 Kirchberg

Telefon +41 71 923 25 25
Telefax +41 71 923 25 21