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Solution Provider ECC GmbH

As a solutions provider, ECC energy components center GmbH comprehensively takes care of a client's requirements during a project: from design, through installation, to support.
This process usually involves analyzing the client's existing infrastructure, assessing the client's requirements, specifying the technologies and systems of various manufacturers that are required to achieve the project objectives, as well as installing and implementing expertise, technologies and systems for the client. In many cases, the solution includes on-going service and support by the solution provider.

As a turnkey solution provider, ECC GmbH takes a broader approach. As well as creating individual solutions for a client, ECC GmbH also provides minimal guidance and one or more trusted product offerings, requiring minimal adaptation.
Throughout our history, we've been applying our particular expertise to what fundamentally matters to our clients. We observe the current market trends and rise to these challenges. Therefore, we can directly apply our expertise in new or proven areas and incorporate our knowledge. 


"Solution providers" – offer solutions

Our clients receive a comprehensive service throughout every project phase. Our specialists have a great deal of industry and IT knowledge, and support and complement our clients' teams with technical, organizational and technological project implementation. Our consultancy includes the following areas: