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Welding supervision

Welding supervision

With our internationally certified welding specialist engineer ECC energy components center GmbH is able to function as welding supervisor in accordance with EN ISO 14731. We supply coordination of manufacturing processes in regard to technical-welding operations or operations connected to welding. 

Inspection of the following requirements:

  • applicable product norm
  • abilities of the manufacturer 
  • technical examination and documentation
  • suitability and if required selection of base materials as well as welding adjunctions
  • selection of welding processes 
  • welding suitability of the construction and accessibility of welding seams
  • determination of welding sequence and preparation of welding seams
  • examination and definition of welding parameters 
  • quality inspection of the seams and if required of the components
  • writing of documentations
  • selection of welders and operators
  • selection of suitable technical facilities