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We combine the latest and most sophisticated technology in producing components of energy distribution with innovative concepts, a most modern machine park and a pool of external services thus giving our clients outstanding performance and integral fulfillment of customized requests.


Joining techniques


Metal-Inert-Gas (MIG)
Tungsten-Inert-Gas (TIG)
Metal-Active-Gas (MAG)
Resistance welding (Pressure welding)
Autogenous welding
Laser welding
Friction welding


Brazing (≤ 450° C)
Soldering (≥ 450° C)

Soldering methods:
Induction soldering 
Flame soldering
Resistance soldering

Mechanical handling

Mechanical handling

By taking advantage of our versatile machine park and substantial know-how in mechanical handling we can cover any requirements set forth by our clients.



By using our high grade facilities in processing copper- and aluminum bars we offer a cost effective product at premium quality.